Gift Set - DermaMed Natural Family Wellness

Our DermaMed Natural Family Wellness gift set includes All Purpose Balm 15ml, Mobility Balm 15ml and Tension Balm 15ml.

DermaMed All Purpose Balm (15 ml)

DermaMed All Purpose Balm quickly soothes dry, itchy, and irritated skin while also replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier for extra protection. This unique formula is a natural alternative to synthetic cortisone which helps relieve minor skin conditions and irritation due to eczema, insect bites, or rashes.

DermaMed Mobility Balm (15 ml)

DermaMed Mobility Balm helps relax and soothe areas of discomfort caused by inflamed and painful tissues including arthritis. It contains pure botanical extracts and essential oils which deliver soothing, therapeutic relief within minutes.

DermaMed Tension Balm (15 ml)

DermaMed Tension Balm is an all-natural topical treatment for reducing migraine headaches and its painful after-effects. The balm may be used to limit migraine recurrence, as well as during a migraine episode to halt further progression. It can also be used for headaches caused by stress, muscle strain, and anxiety, and even helps with congestion in the sinus area.