AllKiDz®'s philosophy is to provide the best care and support possible for your child, and to build towards a healthy foundation that lasts a lifetime. AllKiDz® provides that little extra bit of insurance that goes a long way, ensuring your child is getting what he or she needs. AllKiDz® knows that you’re looking to provide the exact nutrition that your child needs, nothing more and nothing less. That’s why it strives to give you products with ingredients you’re familiar with – ingredients you can pronounce. No hidden chemicals, no common allergens, no preservatives or added sugars. Just pure nutritional goodness, to provide the best possible groundwork for your child’s healthy development. From scientific development PhDs and formulation scientists, to naturopathic doctors and nutrition specialists, AllKiDz® backs up its dedication to children’s health with a team of the field’s leading experts and formulation specialists with decades of combined experience and professional expertise. 

Safe and Pure
Proudly made in Canada.
Raw materials sourced from North America and Europe with thorough testing.
All formulas approved by Health Canada with rigorous quality assurance.
Natural ingredients, no artificial flavours/colours/sweeteners.

Effective and Tasty
Science-based, clinically-proven, age-specific formulas.
Formulated by pediatric professionals including Ph.D., M.D., N.D.
Kid-friendly dosage forms: powder sachet, liquid and gummy.
Great taste and natural fruit flavours.