The pristine outer coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, where Seaflora takes its roots, is one of the purest, untouched coastlines on Earth. Straight from the Salish Sea, seaweeds, sea mud, and sea salts are sustainably hand-harvested and minimally processed. Where Seaflora harvests, it is surrounded by more national parks than population.
Why Seaweed?  The essence of Seaflora Skincare is found in the Seaweeds.
Each Seaflora product starts with a Wild, Organic, Seaweed Elixir. There is some ocean water in most Seaflora products. Seaflora only incorporates whole, wild, raw seaweeds into its product line – no other company in the world meets this standard. All Seaflora products begin formulation with a base of 100% pure, organic seaweeds to which organic plant botanicals and skin loving nontoxic ingredients are infused. Seaflora believes in ocean authentic and nontoxic beauty, FREE of the following commonly used cosmetic ingredients:
* GMO * Artificial Fragrances * Petrochemicals * Dioxins * Sodium Lauryl Sulfate * Alcohol * Parabens * Propylene Glycol * Phthalates * Mineral Oils * Imidazolidinyl Urea * Aluminum * BHA & BHT * Triclosan * Coal Tar Dyes * Siloxanes * Sodium Laureth Sulfate * Hexane *
Thalassotherpy or Ocean Therapy – Seaflora is guided by the healing power of Oceans; Seaweeds are healthier for your skin than any fruit or vegetable.
As the world’s first skincare line based on USDA certified organic seaweed, Seaflora aims to preserve and promote thalassotherapy: the healing powers of wild seaweed, marine minerals, ocean mud, and sea salts. Thalassotherapy is a traditional, preventative therapy that emphasizes self-preservation treatments, curative holistic approaches and sits at the heart of the history of medicine, pharma curatives and spa techniques. Skin is your biggest organ, boasting the highest concentration of marine ingredients in the world – Seaflora Organic Thalasso Skincare feeds your health & beauty!