3D Triple Layered Cotton Face Mask with Nose Clip (Reusable)


This high quality 3D Triple Layered Cotton Face Mask with Nose Clip is perfect for daily use and combines both sensuous design and safe protection.  This face mask has an ergonomic three-dimensional design that fits closely to the face line, thereby enhancing protection against contaminants, airborne irritants and dust, as well as not causing discomfort or straining the ears, even when worn for a long period of time. Nose clip is included in the mask to ensure the mask stays in place for extra protection.

This mask is made from 100% cotton and includes 2 layers of high-density cotton poly + 1 layer of non-woven fabric. Scentless and odourless. With the use of premium cotton, it is easy to breathe and soft for the skin.

This mask is reusable and can be washed repeatedly. Hand wash in cold water only.

Measurements: 32 CM (W) x 14 CM (H)